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Collage by Heath, age 6. Runner up in the Turner Contemporary ‘PORTFOLIO’ competition, 2019.

Artists in Residence Update October 2020
Our artists in residence are now back working in the studio, and are looking forward to engaging with the children in their classes over the next few weeks. 
October sees the return of ‘The Big Draw’ event. The theme this year is ‘A climate of Change’. Artists Megan Metcalf and Sarah Stokes will be working with the children to create a drawn forest on the glass of the covered walkway in the middle of our school. 
Another of our artists, Sara Jackson, is starting some creative exploration activities in the Reception classes, and Nova Marshall will be resuming the Young Art Leaders (YALs) project again this month. 

We will update our blog from the beginning of the school year 2020. It’s been such a strange year due to the Covid 19 crisis, but we will start to add content again as soon as we return to school.

LOCKDOWN PROJECT – Summer 2019 – ‘Home’

Children were asked to draw/paint their homes during the lockdown. The front view of the home was chosen for the brief, as this was the least seen view during lockdown, when we weren’t leaving our homes very much, nut they became a very important place for us. We also included postcodes in the images, to explore what they were for and what they meant, to increase our geographical knowledge of our own place.

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