Artists in Residence

We currently have 5 artists in residence at our school! The artists use our studio space in return for working with our children.

Our Studio Artists-

Mellissa Fisher

Mellissa Fisher’s practice combines a number of disciplines across art and science; her interests lie in the interrelationships between illustration, sculpture and living organisms. Mellissa’s research is focused on the invisible world and the plant world, as well as human anatomy, neurology, immunology, and physiology. She works closely with scientists to respond to groundbreaking research and bring science to a wider audience with visual art.  

Megan Metcalf

The Washing up project (lockdown) 2020

ClarissaMother&Son.01 copy.jpg

Sarah Stokes

sailing away 20x30cm SOLD
running to the beach 40 x 50cm £275

Sara Jackson

Hi all! I’m Sara, a recent graduate in fine art and one of the five artists in residence at your school! My practice involves playing with space and architecture; using various mediums to explore the environment around us. I’m keen for art to be accessed by everyone, and how it can play a vital part in our everyday lives, which is why I like to explore the mundane environments that surround us. With my residency at your school, I hope to create thought provoking work with your children, getting them to be inspired by the everyday, and from this help them to look at the world in a more creative way which helps in all aspects of life!

Offcut Project: Sara Jackson — HEX Prints

Nova Marshall

Nova leads our Young Arts Leader sessions and some of our projects in collaboration with the Turner Contemporary Gallery.

Nova is a collaborative, participatory visual artist who lives in Margate. She runs aim4 Partnerships CiC, a small participatory arts not-for-profit organisation that has extensive experience working with communities and schools to engage, empower and inspire children and young people. Nova has worked in Newington in Ramsgate as an artist-in-residence since 2015, working alongside local residents and schools and runs the local weekly youth club, Newington’s Chill Club, for young people aged 10-18 years. This club is youth-led, highly participatory and empowers young people to make a positive contribution to their community through social action projects.

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